Lucesco’s Smart Switch is a remote control solution that does away with the hassle of installing new switches. Not only does the Smart Switch have no wiring, it has no batteries to replace. The switch harnesses the kinetic energy of the act of pressing the switch to send a signal up to 30 metres indoors to a receiver that operates the light or any other electrical device such as a fan. There is no need for cutting chases or feeding wires down wall cavities, so it saves everyone time and money.

Goes anywhere

You can put the Smart Switch wherever you like. All you need to do is stick it to a surface. Any hard surface will do as long as it’s clean and smooth. Double sided tape does the job and you can, if you wish, use screws to attach it to gyprock walls.

Going somewhere

The signal from the Smart switch has to go somewhere and, in this case, it is to a receiving controller. This device is wired into the lights or appliances. Lucesco has three models of the receiving controller – one for lights that draw up to 600W, one for a 900W load and another that allows for control of two circuits of 300W each.

Incredibly easy

Each receiving controller can be paired with 10 switches, which is more than enough.  For example, the complicated two way wiring for a staircase is made incredibly easy.  Just pair one receiver with 2 Lucesco Smart Switches placed at the bottom and the top of the stairs and the job is done. And you don’t need to get out of bed to turn off the light with a Smart Switch at the door and another bedside.   The Smart Switch makes adding new features to a room simplicity itself. A new exhaust fan in the bathroom? It doesn’t have to be wired into the existing switch anymore and the new Smart Switch can be positioned exactly where it is most convenient.

Powerful click

Lucesco’s Smart Switch is a no maintenance, completely safe switching system. It saves on labour costs and costs nothing to run.  Who would have thought the click of a switch had such power?

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The below Media Release was issued by the Lighting Council Australia on the 17 May 2018

Halogen lights will disappear from Australian retail stores in the next 12-24 months as the world moves to LED lights, Australia’s peak lighting industry body announced today.

Lighting Council Australia has warmly welcomed the recent COAG Energy Council Minister’s meeting, which endorsed a new regulatory approach for next-generation LED lighting in Australia.

The lighting industry, which provides 4,500 manufacturing jobs across Australia in a highly competitive global market, had been facing a significant increase in compliance costs arising from a Commonwealth Department of Environment proposal to be made under federal law.

“The earlier proposal would have been a disaster”, explains Lighting Council Australia CEO Richard Mulcahy.

“An additional $80 million worth of red tape would have raised consumer prices and have seen job losses in one of Australia’s few remaining viable manufacturing industries.”
The dispute was the subject of an intervention by Minister Frydenberg after significant industry representations.

“Minister Frydenberg saw that there was a problem with the proposal and instructed his Department to rework the policy on the basis of real industry consultation. The end proposal, which was endorsed by COAG recently, was a very reasonable compromise that will align Australian regulations with those applied overseas.”

“Minister Frydenberg should be applauded for his leadership. We are also extremely grateful for the support provided by Prime Minister Turnbull on this issue.

“Additionally, Minister Frydenberg has taken a significant step in reducing Australians’ home electricity bills”, explained Mr Mulcahy in reference to the agreed ban on halogen lights which is expected to save Australian consumers $1 billion over the next decade.

“Halogen lamps use between three and five times as much electricity as new generation LED technology. As an industry committed to strong environmental outcomes, we’re pleased to play a major role in taking pressure off household and business budgets.”


Read the Full Release Here

We recently completed a LED Lighting Pilot Project in two Adelaide Schools.

We installed our market leading “Learning Series LED CCT Colour changeable Panel Lights” which have made a considerable difference in the class rooms with teachers able to adapt the lighting to the learning subject, brightness for focus and softness for creativity.

With over 150 Panel Lights installed we were please to complete both projects on time and within budget and look forward to completing more in the near future.

Our installation included

CCT Changeable Panel Lights

Learning Series LED CCT Changeable Panel Light

Code: PRS33W1200*300WH & PRS33W600*600WH
Watts: 32.8 Watts
IP Rating: IP 20
Colour Temp: 3000K-6000K
CRI: >80
Warranty: 5 Years

DSE-F5 Wireless Switch

Standby Time: 2 Weeks
White, Gold, Silver
Warranty: 5 Years

Description: Wireless switch that uses light energy converted into electrical energy for charging.

Linked directly to the light controller via Bluetooth, lights are dimmed or brightened according to the class needs