Halogen lights set to disappear from retail shelves, says lighting industry peak body

The below Media Release was issued by the Lighting Council Australia on the 17 May 2018

Halogen lights will disappear from Australian retail stores in the next 12-24 months as the world moves to LED lights, Australia’s peak lighting industry body announced today.

Lighting Council Australia has warmly welcomed the recent COAG Energy Council Minister’s meeting, which endorsed a new regulatory approach for next-generation LED lighting in Australia.

The lighting industry, which provides 4,500 manufacturing jobs across Australia in a highly competitive global market, had been facing a significant increase in compliance costs arising from a Commonwealth Department of Environment proposal to be made under federal law.

“The earlier proposal would have been a disaster”, explains Lighting Council Australia CEO Richard Mulcahy.

“An additional $80 million worth of red tape would have raised consumer prices and have seen job losses in one of Australia’s few remaining viable manufacturing industries.”
The dispute was the subject of an intervention by Minister Frydenberg after significant industry representations.

“Minister Frydenberg saw that there was a problem with the proposal and instructed his Department to rework the policy on the basis of real industry consultation. The end proposal, which was endorsed by COAG recently, was a very reasonable compromise that will align Australian regulations with those applied overseas.”

“Minister Frydenberg should be applauded for his leadership. We are also extremely grateful for the support provided by Prime Minister Turnbull on this issue.

“Additionally, Minister Frydenberg has taken a significant step in reducing Australians’ home electricity bills”, explained Mr Mulcahy in reference to the agreed ban on halogen lights which is expected to save Australian consumers $1 billion over the next decade.

“Halogen lamps use between three and five times as much electricity as new generation LED technology. As an industry committed to strong environmental outcomes, we’re pleased to play a major role in taking pressure off household and business budgets.”


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