Outdoor LED and SMART lighting in Australia

Lucesco Lighting offers a wide range of outdoor lighting suitable for any public space from sports arena and flood lighting to street lights, LED light boxes, garden lights and everything in between. A comprehensive lighting plan for public outdoor areas can transform a space into a valued destination while achieving sustainability and significant cost savings.

We deliver the most beautifully designed and smartly managed public lighting that will revitalise communities, attract visitors and offer a sense of belonging.

Indoor LED and SMART lighting in Australia

Lucesco Lighting offers an extensive range of indoor lighting ranging from residential and decorative lighting, shop and supermarket lighting, to industrial level high bay lighting.

The right internal lighting in commercial, retail or industrial spaces can improve productivity, well-being and employee satisfaction. This can assist in the recruitment and retention of high value employees and increase the value of your business.

We can provide a comprehensive internal lighting control plan that will manage the lighting of your premises delivering maximum efficiency, safety and optimum lighting levels whilst transforming the space into a premium offer.